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I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby I'm studying and finding that in the evenings my back is getting really sore from sitting, and I am also having trouble sleeping. I'm excited that a friend referred me to the Hug A Belly, and I am looking forward to the relief that it will provide for me in the evening times when I need it most. You should try this product, it's really good!





I can wear it throughout the day at work and it supports me in the front and in the back. It's comfortable to wear under a dress, or with your work pants. I have searched around for a long time and this seems to be the best. I have tried numerous products including belly bands, but they all don't seem to work. This has a special support strap that you can put around your back and it feels very comfortable and supportive. The material is very good, I can put it over my belly and it does not irritate me or itch. It's really nice soft cotton. You should really try this product, it's been fantastic.





This is my third pregnancy. During this pregnancy I have felt my belly dropping and have had a lot of discomfort. I just tried on the Hug-A-Belly and I was so impressed by it. It gave me the support I needed and it was so comfortable. I also love that even when I'm wearing fitted clothes you can't tell that I've got it on. I feel great, I feel so supported, and I'm just totally impressed.




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