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Why do I have lower back pain?


As your baby grows, your abdominal wall stretches to accommodate the expanding womb. As your abdominal muscles stretch during pregnancy, they lose the ability to maintain your posture and because of this, the lower back picks up the slack and takes on the extra weight from the torso.


You are also producing a number of hormones. One of those hormones is called Relaxin. Which stimulates the growth of glands in the breasts that produce milk, and increases the amount of water in the uterus. It also causes the ligaments and joints to relax so the birth canal can get ready to birth your baby, which is great because without it birth would be very difficult indeed! This is also why you may 'waddle' when you walk. Relaxin can also cause inflammation and pain in joints, especially in the lower back and pelvic area. 


The Hug A Belly helps by giving you support where you most need it. Gently supporting your stretched abdominal muscles, it helps take the strain off your lower back, reducing pain and letting you get on with your day in comfort.



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How to put on your Hug a Belly

Pull on over your undergarment. Cradle each side of your tummy with the sling

Do up each side by attaching to velcro at the back

Comfortable and ready to wear