Frequently asked Questions

Why do I need a Hug-A-Belly?

 The Hug-A-Belly helps by gently supporting your stretched abdominal muscles, which takes strain off your lower back, reducing pain and making you more comfortable.


What fabric is it made of?

The Hug-A-Belly is made from a very comfortable blend of cotton and elastane, which allows the Hug-A-Belly to breathe but also allows it to stretch.


How does it fit?

Your Hug-A-Belly should fit firmly but comfortably, with enough length in the sling to allow expansion as your belly grows.


When should I start wearing Hug-A-Belly?

Hug-A-Belly is normally recommended to wear from 20 weeks to the end of your pregnancy. Of course it's fine to wear it earlier if you are carrying a big baby, twins or triplets or you feel the weight of your tummy earlier than 20 weeks. Wear it to suit you.


Is it safe for my baby?

Absolutely! Hug-A-Belly is made from a cotton blend fabric and is not restricting. In fact an obstetrician has recommended her patients use it with 100% success. Hug-A-Belly is now TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved as a medical device.


Will my hug-a-belly stretch enough as I grow bigger?

Yes, your Hug-A-Belly should fit right through to the end of your pregnancy.


How do I work out my correct size?

Whatever size you wore before becoming pregnant should fit. For example if you were a 'medium' before you got pregnant. then order a 'medium' Hug-A-Belly. We have allowed for growth in the design.


Should I buy more than one?

You may find it convenient to have one to wear and one in the wash.


How do I care for my hug-a-belly?

We recommend you wash your Hug-A-Belly either by hand or if washing in the washing machine wash in a separate laundry bag.  Line drying is recommended.


How many days will it take to get to me after I place and pay for my order?

Australian residents can expect to receive their orders within 3 to 5 working days. Global residents should expect to receive their orders within 2 weeks.


If I order the wrong size, can I return it?

Yes, just send us an email and let us know. Customers are responsible for the return postage.

What is your response time?

You should get a response from us within 48 hours.


Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order. If you are interested in ordering a large number, email us for a shipping quote.


If I purchase Hug A Belly as a gift, could I have it sent directly to my receipent?
Yes. We ship worldwide. We can even enclose a gift card on your behalf if you wish.

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